WrapExplorer™ Baby Sling

48,30€ 69€
Color: Beige
30 jours pour l'essayer, sans condition.

Carry your baby hands-free in style. Giving you the freedom to continue doing what you love, while maintaining skin-to-skin contact with your baby to promote bonding.

Because the benefits of portage are proven!

This soothes baby and gives him the same sensations as when he was in his mother's womb. The baby sling will ensure optimal comfort because he will be able to feel the heat of your body and the beating of your heart. Go about your business with your baby while having your hands free.

Light and trendy, The WrapExplorer™ baby sling is a practical accessory that can be used from the birth of your child.

In 1 minute you have unsheathed your organic cotton baby carrier and comfortably installed your baby.
No more colic and Crying! Your baby is reassured, calmed, curled up against you.
Happy mom = happy baby!

Our promise? Make motherhood easier!

WrapExplorer™ Baby Sling

Animal-Friendly Production

We love animals as much as we love to travel, so we are proud to be approved by the animal rights organisation, PETA. Our vegan range proves that travel products can always be high performing, sleek in design, and cruelty-free – while our leather-based stock is still cleared, this product already carries their Approved Vegan Logo.

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