MumExplorer™ Diaper Bag

95,40€ 159€
Color: Crème
30 jours pour l'essayer, sans condition.

The changing bag combining efficiency, comfort and elegance.

Perfect for your family expedition, it will be ready to accommodate the heavy artillery you need for your little one.

Going out with your baby becomes child's play.

Thanks to its unique design, its numerous storage pockets, its tissue pocket, its baby bottle holders equipped with an insulated membrane, not to mention a capacity of 30 liters, going out with the family will become child's play. The MumExplorer™ is the perfect ally for everything needed for baby's well-being, simply, quickly while keeping your hands free!

Smart storage.

Ultra functional, the MumExplorer is equipped with a multitude of storage spaces and compartments, ensuring simple and efficient organization. Being of a large capacity (30 liters), it will easily accommodate all baby's belongings and more if necessary!

Light and trendy, our backpack will enhance your style while helping you in your new adventure.

Keep baby's bottles warm for up to 4 hours thanks to the insulated pockets located on the sides of the bag. You can even place pots or your mister there so that they don't take the heat. During your walks, keep your bag hanging from the stroller with the suspension clips.

It was through long months of research and prototypes that we managed to design the MumExplorer, this changing backpack is thought out down to the smallest detail on the elements including you need while banking on exceptional quality and finishes thanks to its padded interior walls, making its robustness all the greater.

Wide straps enhanced with vegan leather reinforcement for more comfort and support, you will have with you everything you need to enjoy your expeditions with family.

Stroller straps currently available.

MumExplorer™ Diaper Bag

Animal-Friendly Production

We love animals as much as we love to travel, so we are proud to be approved by the animal rights organisation, PETA. Our vegan range proves that travel products can always be high performing, sleek in design, and cruelty-free – while our leather-based stock is still cleared, this product already carries their Approved Vegan Logo.

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